Inenco Christmas Animation
Introduction by David Hughes, 
Head of Marketing & Communications at Inenco Group
A Christmas themed video and message has become something of an Inenco tradition but this year we wanted to ring the changes a little. Will has become a vital part of our extended marketing team in recent years, and we have valued his responsiveness, ability to translate complex propositions into something visually appealing and apply our brand guidelines in a consistent but refreshing way. But we were also aware of his broader artistic skillset and this project seemed to provide an ideal opportunity to allow him a little more scope to have creative free rein and with an extended deadline that wasn’t our usual “can we have it tomorrow?!”.
We tried to keep the brief clear but loose – in that we wanted something that had an element of “story and journey” with interconnecting scenes but not on this occasion focused on our core energy proposition. We also agreed that we would tailor the script to the visuals at a later stage so as not to complicate or restrict the creative process. We found Will to be the perfect collaborator throughout who gave us a range of potential concepts and as the project progressed, he took on board our feedback in a wholly positive way – I can’t imagine Will in a million years having a creative “hissy fit”! The whole process was positive and fun – I hope the end results speaks for itself and was highly praised both by our people and customers.”
Draft landscape sketches
Preliminary Robin Sketch Rotoscope
Initial character sketches
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